[nafex] Mulberry commercial potentials

Bass Samaan bassgarden at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 10:49:46 EST 2013

I prune my mulberry trees to about 10'. The multi grafted tree I have in my front yard I've been pruning twice annually, Once in late winter, and again after it's done fruiting. The birds are the biggest pest, and we harvest by putting tarps underneath and shake it. 
The best varieties with commercial potentials is a variety called "Shami" from Syria, It's known to have the best flavors of all mulberries, it's probably a M. Nega. 
The other variety that has been growing in Israel commercially is "Pakistan" M. Morcura I believe which I managed to grow in my area although it's not very cold hardy. 

Bass Samaan
bassgarden at gmail.com

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