[nafex] neem oil sources for Canada ?

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sun Jan 13 18:38:40 EST 2013

I know Michael Phillips gets it from 
NeemResource.com - last time he came to Québec he 
brought me a gallon. You can trust them to have 
prime quality product. This is in USA, but as 
David says, there shouldn't be a problem to have it sent to Canada.
See also the following page from Michael's website:


Le 13:40 13.01.13, vous avez écrit:
>Not so easy.  Richters, (and other garden supply 
>places) sell neem as a leaf shine, in small
>bottles.  Peter needs several liters for his 
>purposes.  But one can order it from the States,
>and it comes in with no problem as long as it is 
>not listed as for agricultural use. (If it is being
>used for anything else - as a shampoo, herbal 
>tonic, even powering one's diesel VW - it is
>outside the purview of PMRA, and Canada Custome 
>pays it no heed, (except occasionally
>looking for GST and/or duties))
> > >
> > >         Does anyone know how to secure pure, unadulterated
> > >         cold-pressed
> > > neem oil in Canada?
> > >         Hoping to use this for my apple trees but found out that
> > >         this
> > > cannot be sold as a pest repellent in Canada
> > >         anymore. Suggestions?
> > >
> > >
> > >                                 Sincerely, Peter Drevniok, Gatineau
> > >                                 , QC

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