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I have had trouble growing Morus nigra in my area.  I dont think it is just the cold hardiness. A.J Bullard feels that it there is a disease that effects them here in the east.

Also, I should not when I mentioned Black and White mulberries in the previous post, I just meant the color, not specie distinctions. I noticed the White colored ones tend to just have mind sweet taste and the black and red colored ones will have more acid in them...but that just my experience

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> Black mulberry species (Morus nigra) will not grow in the midwest, only 
> in Mediterranean climates and perhaps the southeast. This is the best 
> tasting of the mulberries, fresh at least.    

Lee is correct. Morus nigra, Black Mulberry is native to Asia and is not 
winter hardy enough to survive the Midwest winters.  What is native to this 
area is Red Mulberry, Morus rubra which is commonly but incorrectly called 
Black Mulberry. 

I stand corrected, my previous writtings of using black mulberry actually 
are Morus rubra, Red mulberry and sometimes called American Mulberry.

Thanks Lee.

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