[nafex] Mulberry commercial potentials

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I have long promoted mulberries as a crop of interest in my talks. I feel that it would be perfect for farmers markets that delever fresh to consumer produce. I like to think I had some influence in the some of the local vendors offering them this past year (sorry my ego is big today). So far, they have been popular.  As Dr. Parmar said, large scale commercial production would have its challenges.  I really feel we have not even scratched the surface for varieties here in the states. There are a number of wild ones out there with wonderful taste (both black and white) for fresh, dried and processed. Cultivation practices need to be worked out so it is practical for people to plant, but that is what we are here for...right?   

Though I agree that the Mediterranean Black Persian is a great fruit with a distinctive flavor, there other ones that can have that same potential that can grow in colder climates. 

If I had the space, I would love to be part of an interest group on these trees. There are a group of us that do have a few trees,  we just need to start communication with each other on a regular bases.

call me the over optimistic :)


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I once dried mulberries from a tree in our neighborhood with white fruit.
Fresh, the fruit was actually not that interesting.  Dried it was brown of
course, but with a shiny sugar coating, quite good. Some dark fruit that had
tasted much better straight from the tree, was not much when it got dried.

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