[nafex] Mulberry commercial potentials

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Sun Jan 13 11:33:06 EST 2013

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dwoodard at becon.org writes:

> I have read that in old times in Afghanistan, dried mulberries were a 
> staple food. The Bulk Barn chain here sells them sometimes. I haven't 
> been overly impressed with the flavour. I suspect they may be different 
> cultivars or strains from those grown for fresh eating.

Interesting, thank you. 

I wonder if the dried fruit is from selected varieties or random seedling 
trees. There is a great difference or variation in the black mulberry species 
in the Midwest. As I wrote before some are very good. Others best left to 
the birds, who will them spread less desirable genetics. 

NAFEX member AJ Bullard is a mulberry breeder and hybridizer. 


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