[nafex] Mulberry commercial potentials

Paul St. John stjohn36g at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 19:21:10 EST 2013

to harvest large amounts of mulberry at once , we put old sheets /new tarps under the trees in the morning and come back in a couple of hours if the wind is blowing. the mulberries will have fallen to the ground and we hand picked up from the sheets.  keep clear of bird poop and don't gather the sheets with berries in them , you will get a great tye-dye design. if there is no wind  or in a hurry, shake the branches you can reach ripe berries as they fall easily .
"But how to grow the trees so they are easy to pick?  I have a couple
Russian Mulberries that I pollarded at about 4 feet and that seems
like it might have potential.

I've planted out about 20 Illinois Everbearing with the hopes of
making wine, but I'm hesitant to plant more until I know if there is
an easy way to harvest them and also if the birds will even allow me
to harvest anything at all."


Paul St. John  Zone 5b  N IL

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