[nafex] Mulberry commercial potentials

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> I've planted out about 20 Illinois Everbearing with the hopes of making 
> wine, but I'm hesitant to plant more until I know if there is an easy way to 
> harvest them and also if the birds will even allow me to harvest anything 
> at all.

The big problem with Illinois Everbearing is the long ripening period with 
low crop yield at any one time making it difficult to collect large enough 
quantities for processing. The answer has to be a large number of trees. For 
one thing large enough to feed all the birds as well as collect fruit. 
Illinois Everbearing is a fantastic fruit. Better than any pure black I've ever 
tasted and I've tasted many.  

We collect fruits from our Black Mulberry trees by spreading bed sheets 
under the trees then using long poles shake the limbs. Then float out the bugs 
and use. There will still be a little protein in the cobbler, but after 
cooking who cares.  Mulberry/raspberry cobbler or pie....YUM YUM.

Oh, we don't pick off the stems. Also don't leave the sheets under the tree 
very long as they also collect bird droppings. 


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