[nafex] Hawthorns - best varieties

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Fri Jan 11 13:29:13 EST 2013

I'm interested in growing excellent types of hawthorns.
According to Ken Fern (Plants for a Future), a European species: Crataegus schraderana is exceptionally delicious.  I don't know of a source for it in the US.  Any ideas?
Natives: I have a seed-propgated 'Homestead' (C. x arnoldiana).  C. arnoldiana (including C. mollisa and C. submollis) are considered some of the best; perhaps for size, if not that and flavor.  C. flava is supposed to be good, along with C. succulenta. 
I'm getting a native Crataegus from NY - from Schlabach's Nursery known as 'Heart's Delight', which is supposedly very good.
Steve NJ

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