[nafex] Shade-tolerance in these fruit crops?

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Sun Jan 6 23:51:50 EST 2013

 Robert Nitschke reported in his Southmeadow Fruit Gardens catalogue of 
 that he grew English Morello cherries against a north wall at Detroit 
 and that the cherries "were of a size and flavour unobtainable in full 

 I see that in a local forested city park here in the Niagara Peninsula, 
 seedling sour cherries (probably
 from Montmorency seed as that is the only one grown commercially here) 
 grow readily in semishade and fruit sparsely.

 Doug Woodard
 St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

 On Sun, 6 Jan 2013 21:40:51 +0000, david liezen <chandos49 at hotmail.com> 
> You might also consider Morello sour cherry. I have one on Gisela 5
> from Raintree: it is small but what an addition to the yard! I have
> read several places that sour cherry tolerates some shade. Can't 
> speak
> to that from personal experience, as my Morello gets plenty of sun.
> Dave Liezen, E WA z6
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>> Subject: [nafex] Shade-tolerance in these fruit crops?
>> I have a spot that is a bit more then a partial-shade situation; 
>> which of the would be a better choice (factoring shade-tolerance with 
>> disease-susceptibility consequent to inadequate early-morning 
>> sun-exposure/-drying..
>> European plum
>> Japanese hybrid plum
>> Edible crab-apples (Centennial, Chestnut, Wicksons)
>> Thank you,
>> Steve (NJ: 6b/7a)

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