[nafex] shade tolerant fruit

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 12:56:32 EST 2013

Plums, both Euro and Jap. can get up plenty of sugar in shady locations-
the problem is when black knot shows up.  Whatever you do don't try
Methely, which will likely be eaten alive with this persistent pest.
Eastern shade is the worst.

I have a J. hybrid I got from Cummins years ago that was a numbered
selection of a "sugar plum" series someone at Cornell was working with that
is virtually immune to black knot.  I'm not sure how it would sugar up in
the shade, however, as it doesn't appear to be the sweetest variety.  I've
only tested it on a spot that gets gray water from my washing machine,
however, so the problem may be too much water.

Strange that I've never observed how crabs do in the shade but it makes
sense they'd do well.

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