[nafex] tapping trees other than maple

David Consolvo fruitopia at firstva.com
Fri Feb 1 08:42:28 EST 2013

Thanks for all the info.  Being in central Virginia, I'll be starting tapping tomorrow.  
Flow is early and quite inconsistent this far south, though perhaps all tappers deal 
with inconsistency.

Black walnut trees produce a decent-tasting syrup, though they are sparer and even 
more inconsistent with sap production.  I also tap a wild maple (silver?), and cannot 
tell any taste difference from my sugar maple; both syrups are wonderful.

Kiwi vines produce a torrent of sap, like grape vines, but I never got as far as tasting 
the syrup.  The boiling sap in a closed house made me feel sick for hours.

~David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia 

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