[nafex] Winter grafting Asian persimmon

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> Didn't the Romans protect their grafts with a cow patty?  I don't know if 
> that's something you have available, but it strikes me as a method of 
> wrapping a graft that might keep it moist for a long period. You'd presumably 
> have to affix the graft with twine or tape to hold it in place, too, 
> underneath the manure.

Just can't resist this: Sounds like bull carp!   :-) 

Yes, I've read that was a method used in grafting. But having spent may 
years walking among pasture patties I can witness that they dry out fairly 
fast. As a young boy on the farm, more than once a fresh patty oozed between my 
toes when accidentally stepping in it. 

If an agent is used to help keep the scion moist it still should be 
wrapped. If you wish, I'd suggest moist sphagnum moss. Less messy on the fingers 
and also slightly acidic which will retard mold which could happen. 

After giving, "adding a moisture holding agent" some thought I don't think 
I would. You could soak the scion stick in water for an hour or so to 
increase the bark moisture content, dry with a paper towel, cut and insert in the 
understock. Then warp with the Parafilm. Parafilm does block moisture 
evaporation, it is used in labs for that purpose. If you don't have access to 
Parafilm, about $25/roll I can send you a few feet. It is God's gift to the 


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