[nafex] Winter grafting Asian persimmon

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> I'm thinking of grafting hachiya persimmon onto a mature fuyu tree for 
> my sister while visiting her for Christmas, so spring/summer grafting is 
> not an option. Is winter grafting in a mild climate (San Francisco, CA 
> area, about 2 months until spring) ok to do or would it be a waste of 
> time? I would likely do a bark graft and can make 4 - 6 grafts around 
> the tree to boost the likelihood of taking. Any thoughts and opinions 
> are appreciated. Thanks.
> Chris Carnevale

Dear Chris,

I've been waiting to see if anyone else answers, but none have so I'll take 
a stab at it.

The problem with grafting very early is keeping the scion and graft area 
from drying out. If you can keep them from dehydrating it may work. 

I've done many bark grafts with great success. I'd wrap the graft very 
tight with something like vinyl electrical tape covering the entire area on the 
understock, not including the scion. Stretch the tape in order to hold the 
scion very tight, you can't get it too tight. The vinyl will block moisture 
from escaping and priotect the edges of the cambium. Then cover the entire 
area understock and scion with Parafilm, double or triple layer. Parafilm 
blocks moisture from escaping. The buds will push right through it. 

Try it, but I don't guarantee success. 


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