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contact tom brown @applesearch.org, he has found lots of old apple trees in 
 the southeast.
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I  received the following..please contact Jaeah directly

Jaeah Lee  <jaeah.j.lee at gmail.com>

My name is Jaeah, I'm a producer and  reporter at Mother Jones magazine in
San Francisco. In our March/April  issue, Rowan Jacobsen wrote a feature
story profiling John Bunker, the  founder of Fedco Trees who we've come to
know as one among a handful of  "apple detectives" searching for and working
to revive America's once  thriving, now rare—or lost—apple varieties.

My team is currently  working on a web version of Rowan's story, and are
exploring ways to  showcase rare apples across the country on an interactive
map. While we  know John Bunker keeps a detailed track record of each rare
apple he  investigates, most of Bunker's apples are located in the Northeast
region  of the country. We are interested in which lost or rare apples have
been  located throughout the rest of the country.

Rowan suggested that we  contact the North American Fruit Explorers, and I'm
writing with hopes that  you could help my team as we put together a list of
America's most  interesting, least known apple varieties, and gather as much
information  about them as possible, such as:
Where the variety can be found, where it  originated, and/or where it were
last seen;
A brief description  detailing what's interesting about the apple;
A story about how the apple  was re-discovered or preserved;
How many of this apple variety are  currently in existence; and
Any other details you think are relevant.
I  look forward to hearing back from NAFEX about my inquiry. Thank you  for
your time and  consideration.

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