[nafex] persimmon in zone 6, northern utah

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Hi Alexis,
I share your passion for persimmon and  grow Rosseyanka and Szukis  here in the northern most tip of Utah. 
Both are doing well, just coming into fruiting last season with a sporadic crop. 
My trees are likely 6 yrs old now, about 12' tall, planted mid-way down a berm that slopes gently to the southwest and is sheltered from wind by staggered evergreen trees. Logan, UT, is technically hardiness zone 5, but my location at 4300 ft elevation is considerably is above the valley floor (on the bench of the Wasatch Mountains). I successfully grow many zone 6 items (Li, Lang and GA-866 jujubes and Brown Turkey /Hardy Chicago fig, for example) and have begun an experimental foray into Zone 7 offerings, in sites judiciously selected for favorable microclimate. Of note: western soil is highly alkaline, leans toward clay, many rocks. Have been at this site 12 yrs, building soil. I have a biodynamic-permaculture type philosophy (kelp and liquid fish spraying, ramial mulch, cover crops, guild plantings) which might contribute to the resilience of my plantings. On .85 acres, we have over 75 cultivars of rare, heirloom and unusual fruits.

I had tried Nikita's Gift, planted twice and lost twice to winter freeze and high winds.

Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD (nutrition)

Message: 1Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:11:02 -0400From: alexis at conev.orgSubject: [nafex] Do you grow Rosseyanka or Nikita's GiftTo: nafex at lists.ibiblio.orgMessage-ID: <51545D86.6070603 at conev.org>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowedHey Folks,I am growing Rosseyanka and Nikita's Gift persimmons in VA, and I think they are the most amazing fruits. I also teach workshops about disease resistant fruits and fruit propagation. I am trying to figure out the northern limit of Rosseyanka and Nikita's Gift. If you live in something colder than zone 7 and you grow these fruits, please tell me where you are and how well they have done for you.Thanks!Alexis  



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