[nafex] Early pruning

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Tue Mar 27 10:23:57 EDT 2012

In a message dated 3/27/2012 10:01:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
vmb at teakettlefarm.com writes:

> 21F this morning when I got up.  Myrobalans, black apricots, peaches,  
> Nanking cherries blooming like mad, but I'm not expecting a lot of  
> fruit from them...  (trifoliate orange blooming, too, but it won't be  
> a bad thing if I don't get a lot of fruit from that -- there are only  
> so many whisky sours one can drink).
Hi Mike,

I'll take the extra whisky sours you can't drink. ;-)  Frost on the Myros 
might not be a bad thing. Myrobalans normally over bear such that thinning is 
necessary to increase quality and size. Frost might thin for you.   


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