[nafex] Compatable pears???

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> A friend has a wild pear (pyrus spp.) that bears inedible fruit.  To
> >help him out, I grafted scionwood from my pears onto his wild pear.  His
> >tree accepted all of my grafts.  Several of those grafts were from my Ure
> >Pear.  When I saw the abundance of edible fruit on his tree, I grafted 
> his
> >wild pear scionwood onto my Ure but the Ure rejected all grafts.  That is
> >curious:  How can scions be accepted onto a tree whose scions are 
> rejected
> >by the other?  I guess that is one of the mysteries of Nature.

Hello Jim,

Remember from the graft point the new plant has its own genetics. And a 
virus could also be involved. 

Within chestnuts there are two distinct groups that are not compatible as 
understocks and by testing it can be determined which seedlings will accept 
certain varieties. This was written up by Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis. So if 
there is an absence of a rejection compound in the understock the Ure pear is 
accepted. But if the Ure pear genes generates a rejection compound it could 
reject the wild pear. 

So if Ure is grafted onto the wild pear w/o the rejection compound it 
lives. But if the genes in Ure generates a rejection chemical it could reject the 
same understock it is grafted to. 

Make sense?


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