[nafex] Grafting Tools

alexis at conev.org alexis at conev.org
Sun Mar 18 15:01:41 EDT 2012

The Omega style grafting tools are a poor choice, at any price. The 
knife bruises the tissue of the plant so badly that it make it much less 
likely that the graft will take.
The Topgrafter is a much better tool, but costs about $430. Even it is 
inferior to a knife. If you are grafting a lot of plants, or hardwood 
plants like jujubes, the grafting tool might make sense. For the 
ordinary person, a knife is better.
I teach propagation classes and at this point I simply give each student 
a utility knife. It works pretty well, and is cheap. My preferred graft 
is the saddle graft, and the utility knife is well suited to that. It 
works fine for whip and tongue etc.
I have a topgrafter because I do a lot of outdoor grafting, and the 
speed is helpful.
For small materials or when I want to make sure the graft takes, I use 
schick injector blades, crazy sharp little blades, They make a great 
saddle graft even on tiny material, but that kind of grafting is slow. 
Very effective, but slow.

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