[nafex] Grafting/Budding rubbers

Lucky Pittman lpittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Mar 16 17:07:37 EDT 2012

Years ago, I used to purchase the soft red grafting/budding rubbers from
Mellingers, but they closed, and since then, I've just been using 3/8"
rubber bands from the local OfficeMax store.  They've worked OK , but break
down pretty rapidly in sunlight - like within a week or two.  So. if I think
they need to retain their integrity a bit longer, I over-wrap the rubber
band with a couple layers of masking tape.   Not sure whether it slows
degradation or not - or if it just hides it so that I don't see the
degrading bands so readily.  I'm sure aluminum foil would block UVL, but I
can't always guarantee that I'll get out to remove it in a timely fashion.


Anyway, while I was at OfficeMax, laying in a supply of rubber bands for
this year's grafting, I saw that they also had (orange) 'non-latex/no
natural rubber' bands.  Wondered if anyone had ever used those and had any
comments, good or bad, pertaining to them.


Lucky Pittman

Hopkinsville, KY

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