[nafex] looking for ohio peach

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 12:44:52 EDT 2012

There are thousands of varieties of peaches and hundreds grown commercially
in most states they are grown so good luck with the quest for whatever
peach it was.  The chances are that the variety of the peach wasn't all
that important anyway, most tree ripened peaches are delicious and you
can't judge a variety by a few peaches from one tree, one season anyway.

The Flaming Fury series is just the product of one breeding program, and
there are several in the U. S.  I am partial to the Rutgers program, and
although they are breeding for the north and mid east, I'm sure many of
their varieties would do well in Ohio at a favorable site as would most of
Friday's selections.  I am currently in love with their recently released
"TangOs", although not the name so much.  It is a very flavorful yellow
peento type peach that, unlike Saturn, isn't prone to brown rot or a huge
bird and wasp predation.  It will soon be an extremely important commercial
variety, I think, because it gets sweet while still very firm and really
has more sugar and flavor than most peaches.  I like it also because it can
be used for canning and cooking while quite firm.

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