[nafex] moth traps for general purpose monitoring

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Mar 6 12:36:07 EST 2012

Anton, I don't think those traps have pheromone bait strong enough to extend more than 25-50' from the trap, so I wouldn't worry too much about attracting bugs from outside your yard.

I use the wing traps from Great Lakes with a CM lure in it, and it works well.  This last year I trapped zero, the mating disruption program I had started a few years ago finally reaped dividends.   The previous years I had many in the traps as well as in the fruits.

Scott z7 MD

On Mar 5, 2012, at 9:44 AM, anton ptak wrote:

> I'm interested in other's preferences for traps and insect monitoring- 
> here's the question  . . .
> I'm looking to do some general monitoring for moth activity in a small 
> (3 acre) orchard.  Currently, we have only seen one or two incidences of 
> codling moth damage on fruit in the first two years of limited 
> production.  I'm hesitant to use baited traps in that I don't want to 
> attract CM that I don't have yet, but I'm not sure if this is sound 
> logic - there are few host species around, though there are a half dozen 
> or so older apple trees about 1 mile away, and wild plums here and there 
> along roadsides.  There are some resident leaf rollers but these have 
> not been at a level that is cause for concern.  Still, I'd like to do 
> some monitoring, at a reasonable cost.  Great Lakes IPM has some lower 
> cost wing style traps available - wondering if anyone has any experience 
> with those or other style traps used without lures for general purpose 
> monitoring.
> Much appreciated!
> Anton Ptak
> zone 4a W. Wisc
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