[nafex] moth traps for general purpose monitoring

anton ptak antonptak at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 09:44:31 EST 2012

I'm interested in other's preferences for traps and insect monitoring- 
here's the question  . . .

I'm looking to do some general monitoring for moth activity in a small 
(3 acre) orchard.  Currently, we have only seen one or two incidences of 
codling moth damage on fruit in the first two years of limited 
production.  I'm hesitant to use baited traps in that I don't want to 
attract CM that I don't have yet, but I'm not sure if this is sound 
logic - there are few host species around, though there are a half dozen 
or so older apple trees about 1 mile away, and wild plums here and there 
along roadsides.  There are some resident leaf rollers but these have 
not been at a level that is cause for concern.  Still, I'd like to do 
some monitoring, at a reasonable cost.  Great Lakes IPM has some lower 
cost wing style traps available - wondering if anyone has any experience 
with those or other style traps used without lures for general purpose 

Much appreciated!

Anton Ptak
zone 4a W. Wisc

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