[nafex] continuing - seedlings - overcome drying losses

alden at waldenwinds.com alden at waldenwinds.com
Mon Mar 5 09:07:53 EST 2012

<<How about water wicks? They bring a steady supply of water to the soil
without causeing waterlogging. Also maybe have the pots inside a large
plastic bag to keep in humidity.>>

Please do tell about water wicks.

As for inside bags to retain humidity, this certainly is a good small-scale 
water retention method, but the reason it can't work at all outside is 
these young developing seedlings need sunlight, and the sunlight would 
overheat the seedlings first sunny day they were out.

To again ask others, do you think my guess there are some species who would 
resent the water at their feet, others who would tolerate it, might have 
any truth to it at all? 
Charlie in Massachusetts

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