[nafex] Growing hardy kiwis - multiple varieties: same hole?

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Sun Mar 4 14:19:56 EST 2012

In order to save space, is it ok to plant both the fruiting female hardy kiwi along with the male pollinator in the same hole; or will only one (likely the male) thrive and, eventually, displace the female?  
As an alternative, is it ok to plant the vines, each, 10 feet away from a tree - both being on polar-opposite ends from each other, so that they both head for the tree (coming from opposite directions) and then meet up when the climb the tree.  I have a huge oak tree with all the lower limbs cut down, so the tree would be a good nature trellis/host for the 2 vines.  Or would still, one out-compete the other?  If so, I would think the vine would still live, as the first 10-feet (before the tree ascent) would be free of mutual competition.
Thank you,
Steve; NJ

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