[nafex] Goji Berry - Wolfberry - Lycium barbarum

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Hi Chris,

They are incredibly easy to grow.  The only cultivar I am aware of is crimson star and I believe One Green World and Raintree Nursery carry them.

They are fairly productive but the BIRDS LOVE THEM! Even the goldfinches eat the green ones!  My experience is that they must be netted or planted by the hundreds to get any fruit. I eat if right off the bush.  The bush is not very attractive, but vigorous. You should have no problem. It is also easy to root by airlayering, by my experience.

Zone 6b-7


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I'm looking for information on growing the goji berry.  Are there any named cultivars and where can named cultivars be purchased.  I can find plants and seeds but I am interested in growing selectively bread varieties for maximum fruit production in a zone 5a Northern Illinois environment.


Chris Rice
zone 5a, IL

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