[nafex] Paw paw for sale?

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Pawpaw suffered late freezes here too, and now we're in a semi drought.  Pawpaw patches only have a couple fruits. I do have a few fruit set in my garden. But I've been watering my trees to keep them from dropping fruit. 

Bass Samaan
Zone 6, Bethlehem, Pa

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Hi Jim,

You mean if anyone has some. Our late freeze froze 99.9% of all the 
developed fruits. After, there were some late blossoms. Due to poor pollination, 
lack of pollen, what fruits there are, are small. 

Yesterday I talked with Ron Powell, Pres. North American Pawpaw Growers 
Assoc. the story is the same all over. 

He is 9 inches behind YTD rainfall. Here in west central Indiana we are 12 
inches behind. Pawpaws will be scarce!

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