[nafex] Crows!!!

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 14:35:44 EDT 2012

Crows were destroying our Asian pears just before they ripened.  We hung a
dead one over the edge of the orchard, from a high tree limb.  No more crow
damage for two seasons over one acre of fruit, as long as that mummified
crow hung.

BTW, after giving up trying to shoot crows (smart birds), I gathered one up
as road kill.  Kids in car wondered aloud about me stopping for road kill,
but we did get to eat a lot more Asian pears.

As for whether this would work for robins, don't know.  Do know that we
shot a bluejay that was eating apples.  Hung it up in the tree being eaten
the most (Williams Pride).  Bluejays came back as soon as I was in the
house, eating apples with abandon right beside one of their band, freshly

Don't know what the above says about the scruples of crows vs. other birds,
but our crows are observant and cautious.

Richard Moyer
Where our drought has broken.

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