[nafex] Black currant question

mIEKAL aND qazingulaza at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 14:31:11 EDT 2012

I'm using a steam juicer to make the juice, and it's pretty
concentrated.  When it gets to the point of making wine/mead, I'm
adding an equal amount of water.

I have all consort so far, and they hang amazingly well, the majority
were hanging after 3 weeks of 90+ temps and no rain, all fully
ripened.  The downy mildew on Consorts tho is out of control.


On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 1:25 PM, anton ptak <antonptak at gmail.com> wrote:
> miekal - we've noticed that black currants are indeed labor intensive.
> our most productive variety (the previously discussed chernaya
> lisovenko) does not all ripen at once, and they don't hang well, so
> we've got to selectively pick, which takes a long time.  i might be able
> to pick a gallon an hour for our first couple pickings.  I have noticed
> though, that other varieties (in my experience titania) thus far seem to
> hang better so we can let most ripen and pick the whole cluster, saving
> lots of time.
> also, what method are you using to make juice?  are you getting
> something quite concentrated?  we simmer for 20 or so minutes, then
> strain, which gives us a concentrate that can be diluted about 2:1.  so,
> we get about twice the amount of juice from that same amount of currants
> - i.e. 1 gallon of currants makes 1 gallon of concentrate or 2 gallons
> of juice.
> anton
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