[nafex] Crows!!!

Jerry Levit jerlevit at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 12:16:56 EDT 2012

Our neighbors the crows are having a field day in our orchard. We have 66 dwarf apple trees on a Marchand trellis, 15 semi-dwarf apples and four semi-dwarf pear trees. The trees range between 4 and 6 years old and this is their first year of serious production. Unfortunately for us, the crows are getting most of the nearly-ripe fruit. We have put up scare tape, deployed an owl scarecrow and are employing a Bird Gard Pro sound device. Each system worked for about four or five days. I don't mind sharing some of our harvest with the critters. I just want my fair share. Short of netting each tree are there any other ideas that folks on this list that have proven effective. Thanks for your insights and experience.

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