[nafex] Stooling to get grafted trees on own roots.

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Mon Jul 9 03:52:49 EDT 2012

When stooling a grafted tree, placing the tree in the ground deep-enough so that the graft union is a few inches underground, is it absolutely necessary to apply a restrictive ring (i.e. coper wire) around base of the grafted scion, just above the graft-union, so that the scion roots and/or the initial rootstocks root-system doesn't out-compete the root-stem that would form from the scion.
I've buried the graft-unions of various stone-fruits on non-dwarfing, generic or un-ideal rootstocks, flowering & kousa dogwood to avoid just another point of entry for borers: the graft-union, and a black mulberry (M. nigra) grafted upon a Russian mulberry (M. alba var. tatarica) for post-winter re-sprouting when necessary. 

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