[nafex] American persimmon cultivars - various

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Mon Jul 9 03:45:51 EDT 2012

Regarding the following American persimmon cultivars:
1. Which is better: I-94 or I-94A ['Valeene Beauty']?  The INGA notes indicate they are the "same" - generally speaking, except that I-94A is comparatively larger.  For me, larger might not always be better... splat.
2. Anyone familiar with a good number of cultivars still like 'Ruby' (Creekweb indicates it is very precocious).  I think that Claypool or someone described it as small, sweet, and stringy.  I tried it and thought it was pretty good, but that I'd prefer 'Wabash', to which it is comparable although inferior.
3. What are the very earliest-ripening cultivars, ripening at nearly the same early time as Campbell's NC-10 and Claypool's H-118?
4. Does anyone feel that 'Morris Burton' has some qualities that are superior to its comparable, yet larger seedling 'C-100'?
5. Anyone like H-69A better than it's seedling 'Osage', and vice-versa?
6. Anyone experience disease issues with H-118?  
7. Anyone compare Jerry Lehman's 100-46 to Claypool's U-20A, or other largest size class cultivars?
8. Anyone have good (complete) ripening of fruits from 'John Rick' and/or 'Geneva Red' in zone 6 or colder?
9. Are there any 90-chromosome seedless American persimmons, even when a 90-c pollinator is near?  I believe that 'Ennis' is 60; not sure yet about 'Meyers'.
10. Anyone find that certain cultivars are semi-dwarf?  I believe that 'Morris Burton' is, and that 'C-100' and/or 'Dollywood'/['D-128]' maybe also be.
11. Anyone find that 'Garretson' is worth growing, when there are so many great Claypool, Lehman, and other heirloom varieties?
12. As a comment, I feel that these are the best-flavored and/or uniquely flavored cultivars: 'Michellena'/'Lena'; 'Wabash'; 'Morris Burton' & 'C-100'; 'Early Golden'; 'Yates'/'Juhl'; and I'm looking forward to trying 'I-94'/'I-94A', 'Osage' and/or H-69A, 'H-120', 'A-118'/'Elmo', and 100-46.  I think that 'Knightsville' and 'Knightsville SDLG', J-59, H-118, and some others I've tried were very good, but the others I liked much more.  
13. Regarding Russian-bred hybrid persimmons, has anyone observed which vegetates earliest: 'Rosseykana' or 'Nikita's Gift'?

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