[nafex] Collection of apple varieties

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Jan 30 22:58:27 EST 2012

Nick Botner's collection in Oregon is larger, 
with something like 4000 varieties of apples, 
pears, grapes, plums and cherries if I remember well.
There was a discussion recently here about the 
fact that - unfortunately - he is now selling his 
property. From what I understand, Mr. Botner is 
now in his mid-80's and can't maintain such a large orchard anymore.
His list of varieties is on the internet, you 
will find it easily with a search on his name.
Claude Jolicoeur

Le 22:39 12.01.30, vous avez écrit:
>I gather from Jerry Lehman’s mail to Group that 
>Mr. Gene Wild has a collection of 800 apple 
>varieties.  I guess that it it must be the 
>LARGEST collection owned by an individual.
>Am, I right?  Or any of you know about a larger collection.
>It requires great passion to build such a large 
>collection of varieties as it is not a good 
>commercial strategy.  In India, kings and big 
>landlords used to build large collection of 
>mango varieties but here I have not heard a 
>collection bigger than of 350 mango 
>varieties.  However, 400 years ago there once 
>existed a mango orchard which had one lakh 
>(100,000) mango trees and it was called Lakh 
>Bagh (bagh=orchard).  But it was got planted by the great Moghul Emperor Akbar.
>I keep collecting such bits of information for 
>my “Fruit Factp  which I publish weekly in 
>Fruitipedia and one Indian newspaper.  I think 
>Gene’s collection can feature in that if it the 
>largest collection by an individual.

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