[nafex] Sops of Wine

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Jan 30 21:00:41 EST 2012

Le 20:29 12.01.30, vous avez écrit:
>Gene Wild active NAFEX member for years has a collection of around 800
>apple varieties. I asked him if he had Sops of Wine. Here was his reply:
>I have Sops of Wine, however I would not recommend it. Maybe it is an
>apple for a colder climate. It has never had any red coloring inside,
>and has a nondescript flavor. Ken Dooley [deceased member of NAFEX] and I
>agreed it was our poorest heirloom.

However, let's not forget that old varieties like 
that were not spreaded all over like modern 
varieties are. They were generally great in the 
area where they were initially grown, and were 
often poor in locations where climate or soil was 
different. So there is surely some combination of 
climate and soil where Sops of Wine does great - 
it's only a question of finding if your orchard will be such!
Claude Jolicoeur
in Quebec

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