[nafex] Gold Rush and Keepsake

John Bunker john.p.bunker at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 10:34:20 EST 2012

We do sell Keepsake most years (on Antonovka) in the Fedco catalog.   
This year we did not have enough to offer it in the catalog (big  
seller when we do) but we do have enough trees to offer as a "special  
order".  If interested, please contact me directly.  we also offer  
GoldRush most years.
John Bunker
john at fedcoseeds.com
PO Box 520
Waterville ME 04903

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On Jan 29, 2012, at 9:02 PM, Dave Griffin wrote:

> I don't grow apples either but I have Keepsake too and love its  
> aromatics,
> sweet flavor and hard crisp texture. You'd better know how to graft  
> if you
> want to grow it though because it is hard to find finished trees for  
> sale
> even in MN. This is because of its smaller than commercial size and  
> also
> because it kind of got lost coming out of MN as it did in the shadow  
> of
> Honeycrisp, (Ironically, DNA testing has now determined it is one  
> parent of
> HC).  Goldrush and Keepsake - two different kinds of good storage  
> apples!
> Dave
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> We subscribed to an organic fruit CSA last year, which included many
> different apples. Almost all of them had some sort of flaw that  
> would have
> gotten them thrown out of a supermarket: bugs, botches, etc. But  
> 'Goldrush'
> was flawless. Now that they've had time to mature in the fridge,  
> they're
> starting to get tasty, too. I'd sworn I wouldn't plant apples  
> because they
> were too much trouble, but 'Goldrush' is tempting.
> The most delicious apple in our CSA share was 'Keepsake' which was as
> bug-free as 'Goldrush' but covered with sooty blotch. Wonderfully  
> aromatic
> and sweet, though.
> Melissa
> zone 5, central NY
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> Subject: [nafex] Gold Rush
> Every year I buy a box of Gold Rush apples at a local produce market  
> that
> sources them from an almost local orchard. This years were purchased  
> about a
> week before thanksgiving.
> At the time of purchase the apples were so intensely sweet and  
> intensely
> sour and extremely crunchy, that they were nearly inedible. I could  
> only
> finish half an apple. I was a bit bummed, but I knew they would  
> transform
> into the apple I love. They have transformed. Gold Rush is an  
> amazing apple.
> An incredible balance of Sweet, Acid and Flavor with great texture.  
> Not only
> that, they store very well. My supply should hold out till April.  
> Then my
> thoughts will turn to berries. It is a shame that it isnt a common
> supermarket variety.
> Mark
> Cincinnati
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