[nafex] Gold Rush and Keepsake

Naomi Counides naomi at oznayim.us
Sun Jan 29 23:33:16 EST 2012

Dave, in response to the difficulty of getting Keepsake.   I got mine years
ago from the New York State Fruit Testing Cooperative. That no longer
exists. I guess in some ways Cummins Nursery covers some of that
http://www.cumminsnursery.com/available2012.php  their site indicates that
Keepsake is still available for 2012.  

But I also can get pretty determined about what I want.   A few years back I
put in an order with Cummins that stretched out for 3 or 4 years till
everything I asked for became available and was shipped.  Possibly Stephen
Cummins had me down as a serious nutcase.. but I did get my trees.  Tress
take a while to produce fruit and IMO, if a certain fruit is what you want
it is okay to wait a year or two, or more for the tree.  Tree fruit is
hardly a matter of instant gratification.

Cummins also seems to have Goldrush. Which does sound like an easy apple to
grow BTW.   

I am USDA zone 6 in Idaho and keepsake does ripen here, every year.

Instant gratification can make you do silly things like buy grocery store
strawberries in winter. 

I plan, I plant and I wait.

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