[nafex] Angle of the Sun at Different Latitudes

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To the list,
Interesting answers to this question, but it brought up something surprising I read a few years ago. It said that south of the equator, New Zealand for example, the sun rose on the right and moved across the northern sky from right to left. The article said tender crops were planted on the sunny northern slopes.
I suppose if you study a flashlight and a globe, you can duplicate this, but I wondered why it wasn't talked about. One would think that during World War II when so many servicemen were in the South Pacific, there would have been letters home, "Hey, Mom. The sun is in the strangest place down here." So the angle of sun's height would be measured by south latitudes.
Betty Mayfield
northwest Oregon
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Subject: [nafex] Angle of the Sun at Different LatitudesDoes anyone know how to determine the angle of the sun at midday at different latitudes?
    I live within 100 yards of the 45th parallel (St. Paul, Minnesota).  During summer (midday), is the
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