[nafex] Angle of the Sun at Different Latitudes

Scott Weber and Muffy Barrett bluestem_farm at juno.com
Sat Jan 28 07:48:43 EST 2012

Dan,In case you haven't gotten enough answers already (that NOAA link was great.  Thanks to whoever put it up), we live at almost latitude 44 in WI, and oriented our house for solar gain.  So the walls are either E-W or N-S.  At mid-summer, the sun shines in-just barely-the north windows at sunup and sundown, but at mid-day it's pretty close to if not quite directly overhead.  It isn't coming in the south windows, at any rate; that only happens in the other half of the year (when we want it to).   If you are wondering whether something planted to the north of your house will get enough sun, my guess is possibly not because we are already losing a lot of sun angle by August and in these short seasons most fruit plants need all the light they can get while they are growing.  Hope this helps.Muffy Barrett
south-central WIWhere at least we finally have a little snow.

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Does anyone know how to determine the angle of the sun at midday at different latitudes?

I live within 100 yards of the 45th parallel (St. Paul, Minnesota).  During summer (midday), is the 
sun directly overhead? or at an angle?
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