[nafex] Titania Black Currant - Self-Fertile?

Sherlock Terry sherlocksmith at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 08:22:33 EST 2012


I have a single Titania bush. It is a quick grower and self-fertile. I imagine you'll be able to sort out your plants pretty quickly because they fruit from a young age.


On Jan 26, 2012, at 7:39 AM, Caren Kirk wrote:

>  Hello Dan,
> I have a rather neglected lonely blackcurrant (I forget which one) and 
> despite a whole bunch of abuse it fruits every year. I am pretty sure 
> no-on else in the neighbourhood has one ( I believe I am the only 
> fruit-obsessed nutter in the area), which leads me to believe it must be 
> self-fertile.
> I am not sure whether fruit set would be increased with another plant, 
> personally I hardly ever know what to do with them (although I loved 
> blackcurrant juice as a child in the UK). I got scared about planting 
> more because we have lots of white pines the we adore, but I am too much 
> of a deliberator to get rid of it, even though it's in a unfavourable 
> position. So I guess the abuse will contine!
> All that to say, I would say that there's a good chance your Titania 
> will be self-fruitful. Let me know how the flavour is.
> Caren Kirk
> St. Jerome, QC
> On 1/25/2012 10:59 PM, Dan Nave wrote:
>> I had been under the impression that black currants were not self-fertile, but this description from
>> a U of Minnesota write-up says Titania black currant is self-fertile.  Can anyone confirm this?
>> This would be great for me because I planted quite a few plants and cuttings last spring of Titania
>> and Jonkheer Van Tets (thanks to Sam Brungardt), but the identification tags had been lost so I
>> don't know which is which until they fruit, and I may not have planted them near enough to another
>> black current variety.  I guess the Jonkheer Van Tets at least will fruit since they are
>> self-fertile red currants.  But, (Titania) being self-fertile should increase yield in any case.
>> <http://fruit.cfans.umn.edu/garden/currantsgooseberries.htm>
>>     */Titania/*
>>     A very promising cultivar. High yields of large high-quality berries are borne earlier---within
>>     three years after planting---than other cultivars. Very vigorous, tall plants are immune to
>>     blister rust and have good resistance to powdery mildew. Self-fertile: no other variety need be
>>     planted to get good crops from Titania.

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