[nafex] Sea Buckthorn

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Wed Jan 25 11:43:53 EST 2012

anyway to put the photo on the net and post a link to it or post it on
the Nafex facebook page...

I think attachments are stripped from this list.


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 8:30 PM, Dan Nave <nave1 at comcast.net> wrote:
> I just wrote a friend suggesting that he should think about planting Sea Buckthorn at his place in
> Minnesota.  He wrote back the following (below).  I don't know about his comment about it tasting
> pretty bad, but I suppose it would be unpalatable right off the tree and needs to be sweetened,
> etc.  I hope the attached picture comes through.
> Dan
> "Funny you should mention Sea Buckthorn.  I just saw loads of it along the coast of the Baltic Sea a
> few weeks ago when I was in north Germany.  It grows all over the place in the sandy soils along the
> sea coast.  It was a real rough environment, cold and windier than beat Hell.   But the plant seems
> to thrive under those conditions.  My friends in Germany said the fruit tastes pretty bad but when
> it is added to liqueurs or made into jam or whatever, it is good, and way higher in vitamin C than
> citrus fruit."
> "Check the attachment, it is my shot of Sea Buckthorn from the Baltic coast."

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