[nafex] Sea Buckthorn

Dan Nave nave1 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 24 21:30:32 EST 2012

I just wrote a friend suggesting that he should think about planting Sea Buckthorn at his place in 
Minnesota.  He wrote back the following (below).  I don't know about his comment about it tasting 
pretty bad, but I suppose it would be unpalatable right off the tree and needs to be sweetened, 
etc.  I hope the attached picture comes through.


"Funny you should mention Sea Buckthorn.  I just saw loads of it along the coast of the Baltic Sea a 
few weeks ago when I was in north Germany.  It grows all over the place in the sandy soils along the 
sea coast.  It was a real rough environment, cold and windier than beat Hell.   But the plant seems 
to thrive under those conditions.  My friends in Germany said the fruit tastes pretty bad but when 
it is added to liqueurs or made into jam or whatever, it is good, and way higher in vitamin C than 
citrus fruit."

"Check the attachment, it is my shot of Sea Buckthorn from the Baltic coast."

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