[nafex] My experience rooting elderberry cuttings

Alexander Brands abb7 at Lehigh.EDU
Mon Jan 23 14:50:23 EST 2012

Every fall I cut down several (or sometimes all) the shoots on at  
least one of my two elderberry bushes.  I just cut the shoots into  
pieces and scatter them around the bush.  In the fall of 2010, I   
covered the cuttings with a couple inches of compost, mostly to make  
it look nicer.  In the spring, I was astounded at how many new shoots  
the bush was sending up, but I soon figured out that most of them were  
from the cuttings.  Just about every one had grown roots and was  
sending up at least one shoot.  I'm in zone 6, the Lehigh Valley of  

So, if you have some extra cuttings, you might consider just burying  
them where you want a bush to grow.


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