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Sun Jan 22 18:29:13 EST 2012

Hi Jerry,

There are several Russian peach dwarfing rootstocks. Kuban 86 fruits in 
three years with irrigation. 

These descriptions were taken from the Tree Connection web site.

Krymsk®86 Ap-1 cv. (PP16,272) Prunus persica x Prunus
* Tree size similar to Lovell – To Replace Lovell and Myrobolan Rootstock.
* Compatible with almonds, peach, nectarine, apricot & European plums.
* Excellent graft/smooth union.
* Tolerant to wet and heavy soils and is cold hardy & high tolerance to HP.
* Precocious and increases fruit size and yield w/strong root system.
* Propagates easily with soft and hardwood cuttings and performs well on 
replant sites.

Krymsk®1 VVA-1 cv. (PP15,995) Prunus tomentosa x Prunus cerasifera
* Reduces tree size 40-50%.
* Compatible with peach, nectarine & most European plums and apricots.
* Precocious w/good yield efficiency.
* Tolerates cold climates, wet and heavy soil conditions.
* Not tolerant to dry soil conditions, performs better with irrigation.
* Propigates easily with soft and hardwood cuttings.

Krymsk®2 VSV-1 cv. (PP15,957) Prunus incana x Prunus tomentosa
* Reduces tree size by 40%
* Compatible with most plum varieties.
* Excellent graft union with no overgrowth.
* Precocious w/good yield efficiency.
* Tolerant to dry soil conditions and cold climates
* Propagates easily with soft and hardwood cuttings.

You can see their rootstocks at:



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