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Being from Southern BC, I think that Haskaps/Honeyberries taste like blueberries crossed with oregon grapes which is not very helpful since most people have never eaten oregon grapes!  They have way more flavour than a blueberry and I love eating them out of hand, but they are not a sweet. 

My Tundra and Borealis produced a bit last year and the year before, hopefully they will do something big this year.  They are larger and fatter berries, but I really haven't had enough to do a taste test between all our varieties and my 150 seedlings: I love them all and they all taste the same to me!  Tundra and Borealis were plugs when I got them and they have been thru the ringer with me: two years of not so controlled weeds and then transplanted last spring to a nice tilled area which flooded most of the summer and then droughted the rest.  My berry patch area is nicely sloped, but the copious amounts of rain ran over the sod surrounding tilled area, sank into the loose earth and stayed there drowning half my raspberries, rhubarb, saskatoons, gooseberries and currants.  I think the only thing that didn't die in large numbers was the honeyberries!  They are so tough, my older bushes produced huge crops even though they were in grass the same 5'
 tall as they are!  And they made it thru -46F with no winter protection.

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

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Have you had any fruit from any of these cultivars?  The Tundra and Borealis seem like they have 
fairly large fruit and the Honey Bee pollinator seems to have large fruit also.  How would you 
characterize the taste?

By the way, the grafting manual looks very good.


On 1/19/2012 11:33 AM, Sarah Kehler Ewing wrote:
> Nope.  You made the right decision! 
> Just one comment on what I read at the forum listed: Haskaps/Honeyberries are definitely not seedless.  In fact they have larger seeds than blueberries.  I know this for a fact because I have saved seeds from my honeyberries several times using a household strainer to clean/capture the seeds with no trouble whereas I had to do all kinds of straining thru paper towel when I save blueberry seeds a few years ago.  Burpee's sells theirs as seedless too.
> Sarah
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> Edmonton, AB
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> Well, I probably shouldn't have, but after reading all this and some more, I ordered a Tundra,
> Borealis, and Honey Bee (new U of S pollinator) Haskap (or Honeyberry) from HoneyberryUSA.  Running
> out of room to put stuff...
> Dan
> On 1/16/2012 4:50 PM, Lawrence London wrote:
>> Honeyberry/Haskap discussion thread (permaculture forum at permies)
>> http://www.permies.com/t/12063/permaculture/Haskap
>> edible blue honeysuckle including propagation
>> http://ediblebluehoneysuckle.wordpress.com/
>> http://www.permies.com/forums/posts/list/12063#110104
>> The most productive cultivars at this time are the pure Russian
>> cultivars, expect 7 kilograms of berries per plant. The cultivars
>> released from the University of Saskatchewan are hybrids, but less
>> productive, 4 kilograms of berries per plant.
>> In order to take softwood cuttings, you would require a license from
>> the University of Saskatchewan.
>> 2 genetically different cultivars that flower at the same time are
>> required for the best fruit set.
>> haskapcentral
>> www.haskapcentral.com
>> "Honeyberry"
>> Jim Gilbert
>> One Green World Nursery, Oregon.
>> many named varieties
>> http://www.onegreenworld.com/index.php?cPath=4_112
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