[nafex] Sourse of book by Dr. H. A. Skinner, "Wild fruits, vegetables and other goodies of Trinidad and Tobago"

Brungardt, Sam (MPCA) sam.brungardt at state.mn.us
Thu Jan 19 16:02:42 EST 2012

I obtained this info from the University of the West Indies, which recently added the book "Wild fruits, vegetables and other goodies of Trinidad and Tobago" by Dr. H.A. Skinner to its holdings:

Publisher: Envirah, 387 Waterloo Road, Carapichaima, Trinidad, West Indies
Tel: (868) 781-0890
Email: Zalimun.Mohammed at hotmail.com 

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Dear all,

Can any of you help me by telling the source of the following book:

    Wild fruits, vegetables and other goodies of Trinidad and Tobago by Dr HA Skinner

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
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