[nafex] 'Smaragd' Columnar Apples

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Thu Jan 19 15:38:39 EST 2012

I read this in the current issue of "The Avant Gardener" and wonder if any 
of you have knowledge or experience with this propagation program.
"New breeding work in Serbia is reviving interest in columnar apples. 
'Smaragd', the first introduction from the University of Novi Sad (21000 
Novi Sad, Serbia), is a cross of 'Granny Smith' x 'Wijcik'.  The green 
fruits are described as having "fine, crisp, juicy white flesh" with 
fine-grained texture and taste superior to 'Granny Smith'.  The tree grows 
erect and densely columnar, with large and leathery leaves.  Depending on 
rootstock, 'Smaragd' can grow to about 5 feet in the ground or shorter in 

'Smaragd' is not patented, and limited quantities of budwood for commercial 
propagation are being released by the University."

Doreen G. Howard
gardendiva at charter.net
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