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Sarah and all,

Some of the wild strawberries around here are white. (This means that the local creatures think that white means ripe when it comes to strawberries, and eat my cultivated strawberries before they get anywhere near ripe.) If you like, Sarah, I could save seeds from these white strawberries this June and send them to you. (I could also send plants to people in the US who want them.) The plants and berries are bigger than the usual Fragaria vesca (which we also have in abundance as a lawn plant, with tiny red berries.) I think this white-fruited strawberry might be the local version of F. virginiana. The plants send out lots of runners. When ripe, it's easy to pull the fruit off the calyx, so they're definitely different from this pineberry, which is shown with the calyx attached in the pictures. They're tasty, but I like my 'Mara de Bois' better.

I'm also growing NW 90054-37 = PI 641196, a "black" (actually disappointingly maroon) strawberry I got from Corvallis. 


It's a nice strawberry, just not as distinctive as I was hoping. US folks, let me know if you'd like a plant of that, as it's sending out lots of runners.


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Thanks so much for posting this John!  I love anything with an unusual colour.

But now I am jealous of all you Americans: Burpee's carries both the Pineberry White Pine Strawberry and the Purple Wonder strawberry!  Sigh.  How many years until someone brings them both to Canada for me?

I did send Burpee's a pathetic, begging email... maybe they will ship to Canada if I promise them gold bricks!


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