[nafex] Honeyberry/Haskap discussion thread (permaculture forum at permies)

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 12:33:46 EST 2012

Nope.  You made the right decision!  

Just one comment on what I read at the forum listed: Haskaps/Honeyberries are definitely not seedless.  In fact they have larger seeds than blueberries.  I know this for a fact because I have saved seeds from my honeyberries several times using a household strainer to clean/capture the seeds with no trouble whereas I had to do all kinds of straining thru paper towel when I save blueberry seeds a few years ago.  Burpee's sells theirs as seedless too.

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Well, I probably shouldn't have, but after reading all this and some more, I ordered a Tundra, 
Borealis, and Honey Bee (new U of S pollinator) Haskap (or Honeyberry) from HoneyberryUSA.  Running 
out of room to put stuff...


On 1/16/2012 4:50 PM, Lawrence London wrote:
> Honeyberry/Haskap discussion thread (permaculture forum at permies)
> http://www.permies.com/t/12063/permaculture/Haskap
> edible blue honeysuckle including propagation
> http://ediblebluehoneysuckle.wordpress.com/
> http://www.permies.com/forums/posts/list/12063#110104
> The most productive cultivars at this time are the pure Russian
> cultivars, expect 7 kilograms of berries per plant. The cultivars
> released from the University of Saskatchewan are hybrids, but less
> productive, 4 kilograms of berries per plant.
> In order to take softwood cuttings, you would require a license from
> the University of Saskatchewan.
> 2 genetically different cultivars that flower at the same time are
> required for the best fruit set.
> haskapcentral
> www.haskapcentral.com
> "Honeyberry"
> Jim Gilbert
> One Green World Nursery, Oregon.
> many named varieties
> http://www.onegreenworld.com/index.php?cPath=4_112
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