[nafex] Pineberry

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 12:26:38 EST 2012

Thanks so much for posting this John!  I love anything with an unusual colour.

But now I am jealous of all you Americans: Burpee's carries both the Pineberry White Pine Strawberry and the Purple Wonder strawberry!  Sigh.  How many years until someone brings them both to Canada for me?

I did send Burpee's a pathetic, begging email... maybe they will ship to Canada if I promise them gold bricks!


zone 3
Edmonton, AB

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Subject: [nafex] Pineberry
Pineberries are a strawberry species hybrid of Fragaria chiloensis, a white fruited strawberry with red seeds.  Available fur purchase in Europe.  Plants are available also in the US from Burpee.

You can find photos of the fruit, as well as more information here:


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