[nafex] behmi

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Mon Jan 16 22:47:32 EST 2012

Behmi grows in an area that is difficult and far from where I live. 
Moreover, it is not a commercial fruit at all.  But still I can try to help 
in getting few seeds or budsticks if anyone is interested in taking up 
breeding project on this fruit.  Some botanists have assigned behmi a 
botanical name Pruus mira.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

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From: Melissa Kacalanos
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Subject: [nafex] behmi

Dr. Parmar, thank you very much for your information. From your description 
of behmi as a peach-like fruit with an edible, almond-like kernel, I think 
many American gardeners would be interested in growing it as a novelty at 
least. I wonder if any nurseries might be willing to import it. It also 
seems that there would be great potential to cross it with better-tasting 
peaches to get an even better dual-purpose crop.

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