[nafex ibiblio list] Experience with perry pears

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sun Jan 15 15:27:23 EST 2012

Richard wrote:
>Claude, It sounds as though your seasons are close to ours here in 
>Vermont, but
>maybe we have warmer `summers'. How was the Thorn, as far as perry was
>concerned or did you not get that far yet?

2010 was the first year I had enough pears to do a 100% perry - was 
66% Golden Spice, 10% Thorn, 8% Luscious, and 16% any pears. It is 
still in carboy and hasn't cleared yet. Perries are known to be 
difficult to clear. More often I blend pears in with apples to do a 
apple-pear cider. I may use 20 to 40% pears and this gives a very 
nice fruitiness to the cider. Thorn juice is extremely astringent and 
also quite acidic, testing for TA at around 10 g/l as malic acid. The 
SG is good at around 1.060.

For the other pears that I grow, you might enjoy to read 2 articles I 
wrote for POMONA a few years ago. You will find PDF's on my web site 
- click on Articles for Pomona, you will find easily:

And ~mIEKAL wrote:
>can't you still press juice from them after they are bletted?  it
>would seem that the sugars would be higher, giving you a higher
>alcohol content...

Not really... Bletted pears when pressed make an horrible mess. You 
need some firmness of the fruit for the pressing to work. With 
bletted pears, some puree goes everywhere and through the pressing 
net and into the little juice you get. Maybe by freezing them and 
pressing while half melted it would be possible but I haven't tried. 
I do that sometimes with overripe apples and it goes well.


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